Project 366 Weeks 17 & 18!

Well what can I say. The last few weeks have been mad! Work for six days in a row last week, a three day break away for big monkeys 8th Birthday last weekend and more work, work, work this week. Today has been just as busy too and did I mention I have work again tomorrow.....for another six days! I wouldn't mind but I'm not even meant to be working full time.
Here's our photo's from the last two weeks.
Week 17
Day 116. A glorious day but I worked almost 14hrs of it!
Day 117. A day of stress and more work I only managed a screen shot of yesterday's stats!
Day 118. A great sunset seen just outside the front door.
Day 119. View (before work) from our velux window. Another sunny day.
Day 120. Little monkey wanted to cut his own banana up.
Day 121. Ooh, new 'shoes' to review.
Day 122. Scary sky on the M6 towards Manchester. It was like this with bouts of sunshine all the way up the M6.
Day 123. Breakfast in Manchester before Mosi for me and a day of fun for the monkeys.
Day 124. Happy 8th Birthday big monkey! A tour of Anfield Stadium as a surprise!
Day 125. This lady and her babies have been with us almost a year now.
Day 126. Yay, more flowers out in the garden.
Day 127. A day off school for the voting, these two look cool in their matching Liverpool kits.
Day 128. The spring summer clothes have come out of the wardrobe! Sorry, cheating as little monkey took the photo!
Day 129. How handsome and grown up does he look for his first ever school disco.

I'd love to say things are going to quieten down soon but they won't! Next Saturday night I shall be walking 26 miles overnight in the Walk the Walk Moon Walk. Wish me luck! I shall need it.
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