#Project366 Week 22

Well this week has seen a few surprises...some good and some not so but I'm counting my blessings! It's now half term for us and I'm delighted. The wine is open and we're having a 'lie in' tomorrow. Here's our week in photo's.
Day 144. I spotted this single yellow rose in our garden.
Day 145. What a pleasant evening to be out in!
Day 146. An early anniversary gift from hubby for my bracelet.
Day 147. I treated myself to some colourful tulips as it was such a grey murky day.
Day 148. Holly trying to escape or say hello whilst the hutch was being cleaned.
Day 149. A sleeping child photo as I've been at work and didn't get any pics at the park ealier!
Day 150. I got in from work and this big monkey was still up with Daddy watching the final of BGT and pretending to be asleep!

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