Sun Safety With Soltan!

As much as I love the sun (not the blistering heat) I do not however like applying suncream! I do know the importance of wearing it and smothering the monkeys in it and luckily despite my dislike of the stuff, the monkeys are very very good at having it applied. We've always been real sticklers for covering them in suncream when their flesh is exposed to the sun. They also wear hats and we make sure they are not out in the sun all day long, especially when the sun is at his strongest. The monkeys sit down and insist on helping to rub the cream in before school each day, making sure not to get it on their clothes but also aware of is importance. They even remind us if we've been lax and forgot to apply some on them! 
To help raise awareness and teach kids the importance of good sun care Boots Soltan’s online resource includes lots of fun and interesting info, games and activities to help kids learn about sun safety.
Soltan Sun Ready is an exciting free education programme designed to help young people stay sun safe and enjoy the great outdoors. Such an important life lesson......much like learning to swim! I mean, we can all have fun in the sun but please please don't forget the sun cream and if like me you hate the stuff (due to the mess it can make on clothes) don't let that stop you using it on yourself and especially those kiddies. Teach them, just like us, from a young age that suncream is paramount.

The Boots Soltan Get Ready to be Sun Safe this Summer tips highlight 3 vital points, which are:

1) Avoid those rays
2) Slap on the sun cream
3) Keep an eye on their eyes
Have fun in the sun folks!

We were gifted the sun cream for the purpose of this post.


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