The Boy is Eight!

So Monday big monkey turned eight! Eight! In another eight years he'll be sixteen......no! How can that be! It's seems like five minutes ago that he was born. A tiny little bundle all helpless and sleepy. Now loud, cheeky, boisterous, argumentitive and football crazy. 

I attended a blog conference at the weekend which meant going to Manchester so I hatched a plan to take the family too and we booked tickets for a tour of Anfield, as he supports Liverpool! He had no idea we were going away until last Thursday when I told him about the stay in Manchester. What we didn't say was that my parents were going to be there too and we omitted to tell him about the tour. We did that by printing the confirmation email off and sticking it inside his birthday card! 

We all had a great time in Manchester, staying two nights in a Premier Inn. The monkeys were surprised with a knock on the door (of our room) from Nanny and Grandad. We all enjoyed a meal together and they all spent the day at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry on Sunday whilst I attended Blog On. The Football Museum went down a treat apparently and meeting up with my brother and his fiance was exciting too. Another meal out for us all Sunday evening before big monkeys big day Monday! 

Staying in the hotel we had to sneak in his presents but managed to put his cards out and some custom banners from tradesignshop.co.uk on the wall. An excited monkey woke early and was eager to open his presents but little bro was soundo. Bless him, big monkey did wait to some extent! Football boots, a skateboard, a football and rubix snake opened, he saw the email in his card and whooped! He got lots of money to spend in the Liverpool FC store too.

After breakfast we set off for Liverpool. Getting there early meant that big monkey could take a look around the store and spend some of his birthday money. He chose a new Liverpool kit to go with his new boots and a few other bits. The tour at 11 was cool. Both monkeys loved it and it was pretty awesome to see the pitch. The players tunnel is far smaller than some! We loved the Steven Gerard Collection in the Museum.
We owe big monkey a meal. He wants to go to the Toby Carvery but sadly we spent most of Monday afternoon and evening driving home from Liverpool. The journey took over 7 hours instead of just over 4! He still has more birthday money to spend. I think he enjoyed the weekend. He certainly had a few surprises. Being eight is pretty awesome.

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