Working Conditions around the World

Ever wondered how the UK compares to other countries when it comes to working conditions? I know I have! For example how many weeks parental leave do parents get elsewhere or what the minimum wage is around the globe. Online meeting firm GoToMeeting have produced this infographic all about ‘Work Around the Globe’, which compares working conditions around the world. 
Seven countries were analysed and the findings used in the infographic - Australia, Sweden, the UK, the US, Brazil, South Africa and Germany. It makes for interesting reading! I'm shocked to see workers in the US are legally entitled to zero holiday each year! They have 8 nationally recognised holidays per year. The UK wins hands down on the parental leave with 52 weeks per year compared to just 12 weeks in the US. 
I'm sure there are many benefits to working in the US but right now I'm happy to say I work in the UK! 
Take a look yourself and see what you think to the findings above. 
I'd love to know your thoughts.

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