An Uphill Juggle!

Ever wondered why life is full of ups and downs and an up-hill juggle? I know it's 'uphill struggle' but right now my life is one big juggle! 
Photo credit: Pixabay.com
Same for everyone right? It just feels like there are so many balls being juggled right now, that I really don't know at times if I'm coming or going and this comes from an ordinarily very organised person! Since becoming a parent I really have learnt how tough it must have been for my own parents and often just Mum on her own whilst Dad was away in the Navy! She had twins to look after and luckily her parents helped. With a part time job too I think she did brilliantly but I'm finding it all a struggle. 

Of course I count my blessings as really I have nothing to moan about but juggling home life, family, three jobs and a blog is tricky! I can't keep up with the household chores, the various clubs and activities the monkeys have, along with events and meetings at two schools, my work and blogging. Throw into the mix the desire and need to exercise and use the gym for my own sanity, this Mumma is run off her toes! My brain is in constant overload. Off course I've not mentioned meeting up with friends. Hubby, the poor soul is last on the list and of course rightly so the monkeys are first. Oh to not being needed or wanted for just one day, but then there would be guilt....


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