Fun and Frolicks with Butterkist & The Stickman!

Well how mad has the weather been lately? The sun has been cracking the flags one minute and the heavens have opened the next. Last week we had to abort an attempt to go to Weald Park on the new Stickman Trail when on the way there we had a massive downpour. We turned round to drive home the sun was shining! 

We did however manage a afternoon there this past Sunday. As you know we love nothing more than the great outdoors. It's something I've personally embraced so much more since having the monkeys. I think as a parent you see things more through your child's eyes and that opens up a whole new world. Sadly for many this isn't the case! In February, Natural England issued a government-funded study which found that more than 10% of English children have not been to a natural environment (beach, park, forest etc.) in the last 12 months. I would say I'm shocked but sadly I'm not. Just sad for those families and children.

Butterkist recently challenged us to get out and about in the great outdoors and explore! How could we say no....we're always up for a challenge.
Armed with a fab pack to help us on our way we set about looking for the Stickman at Weald Park. Since our last visit there the Stickman Trail has been erected for families and children to enjoy. Encouraging them to get active, explore, exercise and most of all have fun! 

We had our Stickman Trail packs tucked into our Butterkist backpack along with other handy items needed on an exploration! Suncream (for when the sun came out from behind the rain clouds, wipes for those sticky fingers (after eating our delicious new Butterkist Yogurt Coated Popcorn) and much much more! 
Butterkist’s Yogurt Coated popcorn is a lighter snack choice that’s hitting the shelves this year. It's delicious...I'm not sure the monkeys will get a look in! 
We had a wander and followed our noses until we saw signs of the Stickman and thanks to our perseverance and skills we found the him. An awesome play area has been built for children to enjoy with wildlife there to share the delights too.
We saw ducks, birds and even deer. We could have stayed so much longer but the skies had other idea's. It got very grey at times! Whatever you do over the summer I beg you to get outdoors with the kids and #getcoated. Run about, explore, have fun, eat popcorn. Do whatever takes your fancy but enjoy the great outdoors! 
Butterkist Yogurt Coated Popcorn is available in Asda now. A 160g bag is £1.49 and the multipack containing 6x20g is £1.69! Do try it. You won't be disappointed.

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