Have a Fab Time this Summer!

With the recent weather being somewhat better it's got me day-dreaming about our days out at the beach with the monkeys! Believe it or not we've got some great beaches near us on the Essex coast, and we particularly love going to Frinton On Sea. A friend and her husband have a beach hut there which is Fab! We've used it a few time and love it. We love nothing more than packing the beach stuff into the car along with two excited monkeys and going in search of the sea. Who remembers outings as kids when you would chorus from the back seat of the car "I can see the sea"! Awesome memories, that I'll cherish forever.
Frinton is less than an hour from us on a good day and when the sun is shining, borrowing the beach hut is great for unloading all the beach paraphernalia that comes with beaches and taking the kids. The kettle is a godsend and shelter from the sun, an added bonus when it all gets a little too much! 
The monkeys make patterns in the sand with sticks or their spades, they have sand castle competitions and run into the sea up to their knees to see who turns and runs back quickest and loudest (with Daddy keeping a close eye of course). I take the photo's and enjoy the fun we are having as a family whilst making those life long memories like the ones we made as children.
We take a picnic, the sun cream, buckets and spades and make the most of the fun that can be had on the beach completely free. All except for the car parking of course, the odd portion of chips and an ice cream! Who dares to go to the beach without getting chips and ice cream! (Not together, now that would be disgusting!)

The cliff top at Frinton offers a great place to sit and consume the aforementioned goodies, whilst the monkeys play ball and us adults (or maybe just me) relax in the sun on a blanket. The monkeys love a Fab Ice Lolly. They take the sprinkles off first (I've no idea who taught them to do that!) and then the next layer until the whole thing has been gobbled. 
Fab Ice Lolly’s Sprinkles of Summer Fun campaign on facebook looks set to be a great way of having some fun and winning prizes this summer. You could even win your ultimate summer of fun and other great smaller prizes too. 
Now I'm off to take a look at their page and day dream some more about our summer day's out at Frinton, whilst the rain drops dry on the windows and the grey sky hides the sunset that should adorn us this evening! 

Lolly anyone? Who can beat a family day at the beach for great summer fun?! Of course any beach is good as long as the sun is shining and we are together.

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