Home Improvements!

I've written before about the need to do some home improvements. It's an on going task really isn't it! We need to update our kitchen really, which was last done 9 years ago when we got married. It's looking tired now and in need of an overhaul. In an ideal world we would extend out the back, knocking the existing back wall down and turning the new space into one big family kitchen diner. In reality we cannot yet do that so for now we shall either just have to decorate where we can in the kitchen, replace the leaking kitchen tap, which is getting steadily worse or leave as is until we can do the full job! 
We'd also like to give the garden an overhaul and make it more child and football friendly. We would love some artificial grass covering the entire garden with a goal either end so that the monkeys can play football. For hubby and I, some decking and garden furniture! In reality we have grass which gets a battering from the football played on it and currently nowhere to put any garden furniture. We do however, have a lovely summer house!
The next job on the list would be the our en-suite which was put in along with our loft conversion 3.5 years ago. That, like the kitchen is looking tired now and in need of a makeover of sorts. We need to re-grout the tiles, especially the floor ones, replace the shower doors and potentially in the future get a new shower. For now ours is good but after a few more years I can see we'll need a new one. 
Wouldn't it be good if we could just wave a magic wand and have all the home improvements done in a jiffy and paid for! Don't get me wrong, we have a nice home and have to date done lots to it but there's always more to do.

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