Making Plans For The Future with Insure With Max

Wow, with the news that we will be leaving the EU I'm even more concerned about making financial plans for the future! Having two young children gives me more reason to save for the future, ensure we have a Will (which we've yet to sort out) and have the relevant insurance policies for their future financial security.
I've been looking at various options for critical illness cover and life cover. When doing so I came across what I believe is a great insurance for peace of mind and stability if the worst were to happen and instead of one of us becoming ill, our children! ChildMax.....from the founder of Insure With Max.
Here's a video briefly outlining how it works! 
Now I like this! How torn would you feel if you felt you couldn't afford to take time off work if your child became ill and you couldn't be with them 24/7? I know I would feel wretched and would just take the time off anyway....but what about the financial consequences? Max knows first hand how having an ill child can cause financially difficulty. His own father asked him to create an insurance package to help families when his half sister sadly died from a rare illness. 
Luckily most children rarely get very ill but you just never know do you? 
 Here's a reminder why to buy ChildMax!
  • Peace of mind, as ChildMax will pay your take home salary within 30 days of your claim being agreed.
  • Prepared, as ChildMax will pay 12 months’ take home salary while you’re on unpaid leave.
  • Renews annually, so you are not tied in for many years.
  • Flexible, so if needed you can return to work on a full-time, part-time or other basis.
  • The sale is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and insured by an Au rated insurance company.

I think you'll agree covering ourselves for this sickening eventually could help families in the worst of times. I know I'll be looking more into signing up. I will get that Will sorted soon too. Family comes first and looking after them is 100% the top priority for me.
We're taking part in a Twitter Chat on Friday and you could #win high street vouchers. Use hash tag #ChildMax to join the fun! Pop over, we're @sitstillmonkeys and also follow Insure With Max @InsureWithMax 

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