May Degustabox

How can we be almost half way throught the year already? It's flown by and just recently we got our May Degustabox. A monthly food subscription box full of new foods to sample. This is what we got! 
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Barbecue Glaze will go down a treat on the sausages and burgers when we next have a BBQ! £1.99 a bottle.
Garofalo Fusili Bucati Corti corkscrew pasta didn't last long in this pasta loving household. The monkeys would eat pasta every day! £1.99 a packet.
Cranes 4% alcoholic drink brewed from crushed cranberries. It comes in 3 different flavours and is 100% natural. £1.90 a bottle.
Kallo Corn Cakes. The Belguim Milk Chocolate ones are £1.29 per packet and the Yogurt Coated ones are £1.69. Delicious! 
Product of the month is Brioche Pasquier All Butter Croissant. We get through loads each month and love them for a quick breakfast. £1.80 per pack.
Get Fruity fruit and oat bars...a great snack. £1 
Beloved Dates Date nectar is made from 100% pure dates. I've gifted it to my dad who loves dates as we don't. £3.50 a bottle.
The Wonderful Company Almonds & Pistachios are 90p a packet
Pechkels Furtune Cookies Take them with a sense of humour! £1
Pomegreat Juice from California orchards. £1.49 per carton. 
Mrs Crimbles Classic Madelines. Individually wrapped and gluten free! Rather tasty!

As with each post you can get a whopping £6.00 discount with code
BLDEG15. Usually £12.99 a month. The food stuff in this May box totals at least £22. We hope you like your box too and enjoy new great new foods. 

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