New Wheels?

Now a few years ago if I posted anything about new wheels people who know me would have automatically assumed I would be talking pushchairs! They wouldn't have been wrong! I was a bit obsessed! These days any talk of wheels refer to the monkeys bikes, their toy cars, scooters, roller skates or of course the family car! 
We replaced our car at the end of last year and are very happy with it! Now the time is approaching to consider changing our second car. We need two cars as we both work. With the school runs, work and other things to consider like the food shop, we really could not manage so easily if we only had the one car! This second car purchase is purely for a run around as the other one bought last year is our family car. However there are some important factors to consider when looking for another car as both monkeys will still ride in it from time to time! 

Safety Features
Will a new (to us) car have isofix fittings in the back for the high backed booster seat little monkey still needs? How many airbags does it have and is there an option to turn off the front passenger airbag? The isofix option is really important to us and has been since big monkey was born 8 years ago. It's one of the reasons we chose the car we had prior to his arrival.

Seating Space
Is the back seat wide enough to sit both monkeys and another small adult or child in the middle? A big consideration when buying a new car for us due to the monkeys friends sometimes needing a lift home from school or for my Mum when she visits!

Car Insurance Premium
Is the car going to be reasonably cheap to insure? Some cars are so expensive to insure. This would be a complete no no for us.

How will we purchase the car? With a personal loan, cash or car finance? Leasing a car is obviously an option nowadays too. Maybe better for those who have a poor car credit rating? There are many options to consider when financing such a big purcahse! These can often depeand too on whether the car is brand new or used.

New or used?
Do you buy new with all the offers and incentives to buy new or go for a used car? It's a tough one! Used cars with low milage are often a good idea but some brand new cars have such great offers on them. Often including free breakdown cover and free insurance. Such a tough decision to make! 

Boot Space
How big is the boot? Hubby needs a relatively spacious boot for his car as he needs to put equipment in it for work. Obviously children travel with lots of luggage so it needs to accomodate that too. A roomy boot is a must for us! 

Seatbelt Options
Does the car have three full seatbelts at the back or is the middle one just a lap belt? Our family car has three full ones but often older cars only have a lap belt in the middle space. How important is that to someone looking for another car?! We prefer three full seatbelts.

Obviously there are lots of things to consider. It's no wonder we are hanging onto our second car for as long as we can. It's covered in excess of 100,000 miles but is still going strong! We spent a long time researching our family car before getting it and I think that's the key! When family safety is a consideration researching is vital. 

What's important to you when buying a new car? 

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