Project 366 - Week 23

Oh my goodness me! Is it actually June? It's freezing! Wet and windy here too this week! Yuck! Disappointing having to cancel our plans to take friends to Jimmy's Farm the other day, we went to the cinema instead! We went to the kids club which due to the weather was very busy! Big monkey has been playing football again this week and little monkey has had a play date. He was so happy! 
Here's our week in photo's..........
Day 151. The monkeys looked a right pair of dudes with their caps on in the car. They happily posed for this photo too!
Day 152. These roses from the neighbours garden are so fragrant. Lovely!
Day 153. Kids club at the cinema, we saw Alvin and the Chipmunks : Road Chip! Very good!
Day 154. Our 9th Wedding Anniversary hubby got me these beautiful flowers and a new charm for my Pandora bracelet. We enjoyed a lovely meal out too.
Day 155. This big monkey has really styled his hair for football training today!
Day 156. Big monkey played the last day of his half term football camp and was awarded player of the camp! So proud.....his first trophy!
Day 157. Pottering before celebrating my Dad's 70th, so the monkeys are keeping quiet but busy on their iPads! 

We hope you've had a good week!

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