Random Acts of Kindness!

Hubby asked me to go to the front door earlier. I wondered why as could see no one there and must have missed a knock at the door. When I opened it there was a delivery of flowers for me sat there on the door step. Just because! He is so sweet. 
I love random acts of kindness for they can really make someones day. The gesture doesn't need to be huge, just something small to let someone know you are thinking of them or to say thank you! 
My Mum and I equally love flowers and just the other day I gave her a card I'd found. It had Iris' on. Her favourite flowers. She was thrilled with her card. I'd send her flowers anytime to say thanks for all she does. She is one in a million. Maybe something like these scented stocks jug from Tesco Flowers.
Mum and I love lilacs and purples so I think they would really make her day. It's her birthday soon too so perhaps I could arrange to send her some just because and more for her birthday. Sharing is caring and making others happy makes me happy. A cliche maybe by why not make someones day!
What would you send someone as a random act of kindness? Who would you send flowers or a gift to?
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