Toot the Tiny Tugboat!

The monkeys often watch children's TV and have been known to watch Toot the Tiny Tugboat more than once or twice! The TV show is a favourite with children and now there's a new storybook app from the makers of the Toot the Tiny Tugboat. Charming and engaging, the app features a fun and educational way to read with children, with highlighted text that helps readers follow the narration word by word, or go at a faster pace!

Little monkey and I have been taking a look at the new app. We also have great summer pyjamas (available from Asda) and a Milkshake! magazine which features Toot the Tiny Tugboat.
Toot is working with Wayne the Crane when he hears on the radio that Bethan and Caleb have been stranded by the tide... It’s Toot to the rescue – how will he save the day?!

Toot to the Rescue offers a fun and educational way to read for your little ones. With the Read to Me option, the story is lovingly narrated by voice star of Toot the Tiny Tugboat, Duncan Wisbey, who brings warmth and charm to this original telling. The highlighted text is specially designed to follow the narration word by word – helping little ones learn to read. More confident readers can choose to 'Read by Myself', and go at their own pace.

Turn the pages and see this brand new story brought to life with animation, colour and sound, plus many interactive elements for little ones to click and a series of activities to play within the story: blow boat horns, build sandcastles, spot sea creatures and more. As well as being fun to read, the story also highlights the importance of water safety, and encourages children to be careful at the beach.
The storybook app features:

- Brand new, specially written Toot the Tiny Tugboat story inspired by the animated TV series

- Lots of fun story activities and animation

- Read by Myself or Read to Me options

- Learn about water safety along with the characters

- Available in both English and Welsh language selectable from the settings screen

- Completely child-friendly app

- No in-app purchases

There is no 3rd party advertising in Toot to the Rescue and nothing that takes you outside the app. That in itself gets my vote! 

The app also has a dual language feature which allows the story to be read in English or Welsh, and the text is highlighted word by word as it is narrated, aiding reading and language learning. There is an added educational angle in that the app also teaches children about water safety.

Toot to the Rescue is the third app developed by Thud following on from previous releases; exploration game Toot’s Harbour and boat racing game Toot’s Race.

The new app is available for download now via iTunes and is priced at £2.99.

Little monkey has been heard using the app many times since we sat together to read through it and listen to the story. A really great app! He equally loves his PJ's and magazine! The PJ's have been washed and worn loads since we've had them and are perfect for this time of year. All three a huge hit. See here for more information about Toot the Tiny Tugboat. 

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