Back to School Bags with Debenhams!

I know the monkeys have only just broken up for summer but already we are thinking about back to school! They have a shorter holiday than usual this summer. Under 6 whole weeks off. We'll need to buy new school shoes, more white polo shirts as the old ones are now stained and greying and of course school bags! 
Did you know you can buy school bags at Debenhams? They sell a range of bags for both boys and girls. The monkeys both chose Star Wars ones! A messenger style one for big monkey, seen being carried above and a back pack one for little monkey which as you can see below he seems proud of! Both are delighted with them.
As the evenings draw in during September, the yellow piping on big monkeys bag will be visible when we walk home from school. Both school bags are Licensed Star Wars merchandise.
This Storm Trooper back pack is better for little monkey as he can carry it on his back to school and the weight will be more evenly distributed.
With school bag prices starting from just £7 they are very affordable and look to be very well made. Of course using them will be the real test of their quality but for now I have two happy monkeys who cannot wait to use their new bags (after a summer of fun first)!

We hope you all have a great summer and those back to school shopping days are good ones! 

Our new bags were bought using a gift card from Debenhams as part of their back to school campaign.


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