Furthering Learning to Improve your Career.

Before I met my husband I had been in a relationship with someone who had no ambition. The night I first met hubby he was chatting to some others about having recently changed his career by training to become a Sports Massage Therapist, after working in London for 17 years. I immediately took to him and our relationship grew from there. Move forward a few years and we were married with our first child on the way! I was thinking about putting work on hold to raise a family and hubby was thinking about furthering his new career with more training! Being newlyweds with little money saved and with myself soon going on maternity leave we had no option but to look into borrowing the money so that he could train to become a Pilates teacher.
We found a loan with a company that we were happy with as the course hubby had to do to qualify was over £2000. It meant the course could be paid for and hubby could offer more to his clients. We were delighted this was a possibility.
Hubby doing a single leg stretch
Moving forward again, hubby has now been a fully qualified Pilates teacher for 8 years now and loves teaching his classes. He still does the Sports Massage too and is also a Personal Trainer as well as a soon to be Kettlebells instructor.
Hubby doing a Teaser!
I'm so glad I overheard his conversation that evening we met and was struck by his ambition. I'd love to further my learning and do a course myself but we'd probably need to borrow again and I've really no idea what course I'd take! 

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