Bubblebum Review

Being 5 and 8yr's old the monkeys still need to travel with a booster in the back of the car. We use a high backed booster whenever possible for little monkey (unless a third child needs to sit in the middle of the back seat) and a cushion booster for big monkey. I say unless a third child needs to sit in the middle, this is because they can't fit in the middle if the high backed booster(s) are used in our car. It has three three-point seat belts but there just isn't the room across the back seat for one or two high backed boosters when a third child travels with us. To be honest this isn't very often but we like to be prepared should one of the monkeys friends need a lift home from school or similar.

Of course if they do bring a friend home we need another booster cushion and this is where the portable Bubblebum car booster seat comes in very handy!
Deflated Bubblebum
The inflatable portable car booster seat comes in it's own bag for ease of storage and carrying. It's so easy to use and costs just £29.99. Available in two colours, black or pink (cotton candy) we have been trying one out! 
Contents inside the box
What's in the box?
Inside the box you'll find the cushion in it's deflated state, a tether strap and the carry bag with drawstring fastening. Instructions on how to use the car booster cushion are also in the box and very straightforward.
Value to inflate the bubblebum
Inflated bubblebum
How to use the cushion
Simple inflate the cushion using the valve to the rear. Pop on the seat on the car and position the car seat belt inside the side clips so that the lap belt sits comfortable across the child.
Use the shoulder belt positioning clip to ensure that the car seat belt sits across the centre of the chest. Simple! 
When no longer needed deflate the cushion and store away in the carry bag. Ideal storage if the child needs to take the booster into school for use later. 
Side clip
Tether strap and shoulder clip
Secured by the car seat belt
What we like!  
This booster cushion is safety tested, Mum approved, expertly engineered and has won more than 20 design and innovation awards including Mumsnet, Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting. I like that it comes in an alternative to black for those that need it, it's comfy and lightweight and easily fits between a high backed booster and another conventional car booster seat. Perfect for short journeys, emergencies or when travelling by car abroad.
5yr old using the bubblebum
8yr old using the bubblebum
Fit using the top tether/should clip
The monkeys were both very keen to try it and loved using it.

What we dislike?
At present there is nothing we dislike about the Bubblebum. Of course now both monkeys want one!

Perfect for emergency/short use for 4-11 year old's this Bubblebum is innovative and funky but also very practical. We really like it and will be making good use if it for a while to come.

We were sent the Bubblebum for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.
Tried and Tested


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