Celebrating Mummy's Birthday!

As a parenting and lifestyle blogger, I and other bloggers often post about the kids birthday's but forget the adults ones! Yesterday was my 45th birthday. Each year I share it with my brother. My twin who was born a full 45 minutes before me. 
My day started with a phone call to him to wish him happy birthday too and then the monkeys helped me to open my cards and presents. Well, they did most of the unwrapping if I'm honest! I had some lovely gifts and was very spoiled. 
My card from big monkey was just awesome. The words he wrote inside made me cry......they were so lovely. Hubby said he wrote exactly what he wanted and had no input from hubby at all. 
Once the monkeys were safely at school the day was then all about food! Hubby and I had a light breakfast together at one of our favourite cafe delicatesant and at lunch time I enjoyed a leisurely afternoon tea with four girlfriends. They spoiled me too. 
After school pick up at teatime we all went out for an evening meal together! I know, three meals out in one day. Well if you can't do it on your birthday then when can you! 
By the time the main course arrived my eyes were obviously bigger than my belly, as clearly I'd already eaten too much and really struggled to eat my chosen meal. I had to leave a good bit of it.
All three meals out were so lovely though and really made me feel loved, lucky and spoiled. 
Once home I sat (with a Pimms) in a food coma and couldn't even face breakfast until late this morning. 
I love birthday's and really feel it's the one day of the year that you can wallow in gift's, whatever food and drink you like and just enjoy a day of treats. Maybe others don't feel that way but I like to make my own birthday and that of loved ones special. I had a great day and look forward to the next one.

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