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Big monkey wore 'pull ups' as opposed to nappies from about age 1yr as he was so difficult to change once he got to that age. We found them so much easier and of course he then wore them until he was potty trained at 2.5yrs. He continued to wear them at night until he was about 4.5yrs old and then suddenly decided he no longer wanted to wear one! 

Little monkey on the other hand has been rather a lot slower at being dry and only in the last year has he stopped wearing 'pull ups' during the day. He still needs one at night (at nearly 5.5yrs old) and sadly will only poo in one! This means we are still having to purchase whichever ones we find are on offer or see depending on where we shop! 

Luckily we were recently sent some Pyjama Pants to try from DryNites®, which I've recently discovered are the most age appropriate product to manage little monkey's bedwetting.
DryNites® Pyjama Pants help children to manage the bedwetting phase by providing unbeatable overnight protection; meaning a better night's sleep for your child and for you too. Because they're discreet and underwear-like, children can feel more confident and independent at bedtime, for dry nights either at home or nights away.

Discreet, absorbent night time underwear for children age 3+. For unbeatable night time protection as grown up as they are.

  • DryNites® provides unbeatable night time protection for growing kids
  • Specially designed for girls and boys from age 3 to 15
  • Soft & discreet to wear under pyjamas
  • Designed to look and feel like underwear 
Little monkey has been wearing them each night now since we got them and loves the Superman design. He has found them easy to get on and off himself. I did find the seams at the side a little hard to tear to remove if needed but not unmanagable. The size we were sent for him (4-7yrs) fitted him perfectly and although they felt thin to the touch they were very absorbent and didn't leak! They withstood little monkey's number 2's really well! At approximately £5.25 for a packet of 10 they are not the cheapest pyjama pants but I liked them. He seemed happy to wear them too.
DryNites® come in Boys and Girls styles and each come in three different sizes - 3-5, 4-7 and 8-15. There are three different designs each! For extra protection for the mattress there are DryNites® Bed Mats too! Ideal for those nights away when you don't want any accidents on someone elses bed. 

We're not quite ready to say goodbye to 'pull ups' or DryNites® pyjama pants just yet but are working on those bedtime 'accidents'. He'll do it when he is ready.

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