He Plays, He Shoots, He Scores!

For a long time now big monkey has played football and also loves to watch it on TV. He talks about it and loves to wear his favourite team(s) kit's whenever possible! Little monkey has slowly shown an interest in football too and has recently made a breakthrough! I say breakthrough as he decided a long time a go he would like to try playing football like his big brother. We've never forced either of them and have let them develop a taste for whatever they show an interest in themseleves. Little monkey likes a kick about with Daddy and his brother but when it came to going to training sessions he would opt out and stand on the sidelines. Often getting bored and losing interest in the game he was watching after a while. So, when a few weeks ago, he said he wanted to go along and to play, we wondered if he would in fact play or just watch! I was all set to go and collect him on my way home from work, part way through his brothers training session and then I got a call!
Little monkey had indeed joined in from the off, he was taking part in exercises set out by the coach for the younger children and scored 4 goals at the end during a mini match! Apparently he loved it, joined in with gutso and did really well, showing some great skills too. He came away after a full hour beaming from ear to ear! 
Since that evening he has joined in once more and intends to do so again tognight. I'm so proud of him! He needed this, as it's lifted his confidence and given him something to focus on, as he has been quite anxious at school recently.
Well done son......you show them you can join in and have fun! 


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