Project 366 Weeks 26 & 27!

A two week round up this time as I've been lazy having evenings off from blogging! I have a good excuse though, I've been searching for jobs again! I got one too. In super seedy time as well! We've also had a break through with little monkey who has wanted to try football when his brother trains but then always changed his mind! This week he joined in and loved it! He even scored 4 goals in a mini match they played!
Here's our photo's.....

Day 172. Father's Day so we went on a picnic! The monkeys love their daddy!
Day 173. Saw these Poppies and had to grab a pic.
Day 174. Hello Holly...our most photogenic guinea pig!
Day 175. Running shoes for little monkey who asked for them for Sports Day! They match his brothers.
Day 176. The garden is a tad wet! So much rain and lots of local flooding.
Day 178. Awe, love our hydrangea which is in bud.
Day 179. Now, that's what I like to wake up too! Sunshine!
Day 180. A sunny afternoon out, so the monkeys enjoyed an ice lolly! 
Day 181. My Teva sandals are so comfy and bouncy under foot!
Day 182. Awe, Mother and son love!
Day 183. Super proud little monkey with big bro showing us how many goals he scored.
Day 184. Gorgeous. The hydrandea now flowering and looking fab.
Day 185. Ha ha, thank crunchie it's Friday but sadly Sports Day has been cancelled for a 2nd time.
Day 186. Our first time at a trampoline park and for almost an hour little monkey decided he didn't want to join in! Five minutes from the end he did! 

That's kids for you! We hope you've had a good few weeks!

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