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When out and about with the monkey's I'm always aware of how accessible places are. For two reasons really! One: having used prams and pushchairs with them both I was always astounded by the number of places not ideal for pushchairs and two: I've always worked with children and adults with disabilities and on the look out for places that are wheelchair accessible! You'll be surprised how many that are not! 
On a recent day out I was thinking just how ideal it would be for the people who use wheelchairs that I know. 
We drove to Milton Keynes and went to Willen Lakes with the monkeys. From here in Essex the roads to get there are completely suitable for wheelchair accessible vehicles.
Further more the place it's self is suitable and accessible for wheelchair users. Lots of wide path's, disabled toilets, staff on standby to help if needs be and more! 
The infographic below is celebrating a number of places putting wheelchair users and families as top priority. It has suggestions for some brilliant days out all over the UK.
I think you'll agree that there looks to be some amazing places to visit there! When places of interest take all visitors into consideration it makes for a much better experience for all. Of course accessible transport to get there helps too. We love visiting places and I'll be recommending some of those above (plus Willen Lakes) to the wheelchairs users and their carers that I know!

Can you recommend somewhere super accessible? 

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