Daydreaming of the Sea, the South Coast Sunshine and a Lottery Win!

We've recently enjoyed a cheap family holiday in Cornwall thanks to a friend who loaned us their static caravan on a holiday park! We couldn't have gone without that huge help from them! Holidays are so expensive during school holidays aren't they! Cornwall was just amazing and a first for hubby and the monkeys. I've been before but a very long time ago. Anyway, the scenery, the pace of life and the weather were largely fabulous. Whilst there it got me thinking about what I would do if we ever won the lottery! I was browsing the caravans to purchase which ranged from budget (ideal for first time buyers) to absolutely obscenly expensive but luxurious mobile homes which are probably better than our house! I sat in the sunshine waiting for our washing to dry one morning, with wonderful views, daydreaming that if one day if we were to ever win the euromillions I would get us a grand holiday home in one such holiday park. We'd loan it our to friends and family (like my friend did for us) and also have memorable holidays with the monkeys there each year!
Of course, depending on the amount we won we could do lots with our winnings! With more and more games to play, like the Irish lottery for example I would pick and chose which we played, keeping everything crossed (as I do when we choose to play) that one day we might just get lucky! I'd love to take the monkeys to Disney World in Florida but it would cost in the region of £10,000 which we just don't have, nor can we save. I've been twice before (pre children) and it was just magical. I'd also take hubby back to New York, somewhere we went together soon after meeting almost ten years ago. I'd take the monkeys but I'm not 100% sure it's a holiday for children of their age. I'd want to shop shop shop! They would not!
Amongst other holiday destinations to take the family to, if we were ever lucky enough to win the lottery I would get us a few new cars! The monkeys have decided that when they are footballers (bless them, it's good to dream) they are going to own a McLaren F1, a Bugatti Veyron and a Ferrari 458! So I guess I'd buy one of those if I could! The Powerball, the American lottery which had the £1 billion jackpot earlier this year (would be an obscene amount of money to win!) I'm not sure I could cope with THAT much! Anyway, there I was waiting for my washing to dry and then I get called...."Mum, Mum" and back to reality! 
It's good to dream though isn't it. Have ambitions and goals to work towards. Maybe one day, we'll get to Florida and we're already going back to Cornwall next year. The South Coast is gorgeous. Life is good and dreams do come true! 
We'll keep playing the Lottery and perhaps you'll be hearing me screaming with joy......one day! In the meantime enjoy some Cornwall scenery on me.

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