Decorating the Monkeys Bedrooms!

The last time the monkeys had their bedrooms decorated was four years ago! Well almost! Little monkey has a transport themed room (which is still OK for now) and big monkey has Cars 2 wallpaper on one wall. This was fine back then but aged 8, he now thinks this is babyish and would love a Liverpool themed bedroom.
Sadly we're not quite in a position to grant him his wish and redecorate for him but are mindful he is getting older and it will need doing!

Dulux recently partnered with Child Developmental Psychologist Dr. Sam Wass (from the Secret Lives of 4, 5 and 6 year old's) to look into the benefits of involving children in the decorating process, and actually found that decorating their bedroom is more important to kids than other popular summer activities such as watching their first football match, or riding a bike.

They have created a Kids’ Bedroom Summer Workbook designed to encourage parents and kids to work together on their journey to create their child's dream room. With the holidays in full swing (and almost over for some) the workbook is a unique way for parents to spend quality time with their kids whilst co-creating a space that will inspire them – not to mention provide them with a creative outlet to keep them busy!

Six On Trend Kids Bedroom Themes.
Dulux has developed six easy to achieve bedroom looks to help parents create a fun and exciting space for their child. The bedroom themes include the Jungle, Superhero, Sport
, Storybook, Space and Circus! But of course you can discuss with your child what they would like and come up with a theme you are both happy with. Remember you check out the work book!
Dulux’s Endurance+ range is the perfect paint for a child’s bedroom makeover – it’s 20 times stronger than normal emulsion, so when you’re tackling sticky fingers and mucky paws it’s a great solution, allowing you to wipe away the stain and not the paint underneath, meaning your walls stay as fresh as the day you painted them! I'm hoping it withstands a book being thrown from the top bunk onto a beanbag too! This happened here but the book missed the beanbag and ended up taking a lump out of the bedroom wall! Still, big monkey has only ever done that one!

We'll be taking inspiration ourselves soon and will get both monkeys rooms decorated the way they want them. I've not yet asked little monkey what theme he would like but any of the above would be fun or no doubt Minions or Chelsea FC! I'm just hoping hubby doesn't want to re-do our room with his team! 

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