Dressing the Monkeys!

Well the time has almost come for the monkeys to return to school after their summer holidays! It's flown by and going back to school means they'll be back in uniform (which is all labelled and ready). Now whilst I agree children should wear uniform I have tended to forget they don't need as many clothes as they used to and am sad they don't get to wear all the nice clothes they used to wear!
They tend to live in shorts and t-shirts this time of year and jeans, t-shirts and hoodies during the colder months. I'm often taking a look at what is out there for them to wear! If they are off somewhere special together I do like to see them in the same clothes from time to time! Usually not an entire outfit but key pieces.
Below are some examples of the sorts of key pieces I would dress the monkeys in this coming Autumn and Winter. As I said they wouldn't wear entire identical outfits but I like to see them in somethings the same. I particularly like both of them in red. I think it must be their blonde hair! Navy is a great colour for them too and better than lighter colours as they do tend to get messy!  
The monkeys tend to chose their own clothes to wear each day and do seem to have some sort of flair for putting things together (especially 5yr old little monkey, who must take after me!) but I tend to actually chose the clothes we buy in the first place! I adore this star fleece above, it's so them! 
Of course boys being boys I don't always get it right. Many a time I've bought something I know (or think I know they'll love) and they refuse to wear it. 
Meanwhile from Monday to Friday at least they will soon be back in uniform and of course their football kits as the season starts again too. Perhaps I'll go and shop for me instead.............

Collaborative post.

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