Great Shoes for Big Days!

For the second year running we have been asked to be GORE-TEX® Big Days Ambassadors and have received the monkeys shoes! We love them.
Big monkeys are the ones at the top and little monkeys below them. Both from Superfit and obviously waterproof, we are taking them on holiday, so they'll get plenty of wear and no doubt be put through their paces in the South of England.
You can see by the photo's above how sturdy and well made their new shoes are. Little monkey has a pair called Pacific Velour/Techno/Text Sports Mini, which are perfect for him as they are easy for him to put on and take off independently. He tells us they are super comfy.

Big monkeys Denim Multi Velour/Nappa ankle boots are ideal for an 8 year old boy to wear. He has been able to tie and untie his own laces for a few years now, so can manage them independently also. 
Both boys are enjoying wearing their new GORE-TEX® Big Days shoes, little monkey even wore his with his Batman costume. I'm guessing they helped him to be a super hero when he was playing dressing up the other week. Perhaps they were extra springy when running around like a superhero!

They looked super cool when they wore them out for my 'Big Day' last week on my birthday. We went out for a meal and wanted the monkeys to wear smart but practical shoes. They loved running ahead of us on the way to the restaurant, trying to avoid the joins in the pavement (as you do)!
Our GORE-TEX® Big Days Superfit shoes with GORE-TEX® SURROUND™product technology, combine fun and casual design with waterproof, highly-breathable materials, meaning feet stay cool and dry even on warm days. 
The foot is completely encased by the GORE-TEX® membrane. Excess warmth and perspiration can escape from all sides, even through the soles. At the same time no moisture or wetness can penetrate the shoe. The result is an overall more breathable and durably waterproof children’s shoe.
Incredibly well made, hard wearing, good looking and comfortable I think we are all happy with the monkeys GORE-TEX® Big Days Superfit shoes. As much as I really do not want to wish the year away, I'm looking forward to seeing which ones for Autumn we'll get and what adventures we'll go on whilst the monkeys wear them!

Thanks GORE-TEX® Big Days.

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