Ravensburger Disney Frozen Review - Race to the Palace Game

The monkeys love a family board game session but often get over zealous. The youngest one gets upset if he doesn't win and/or there are arguments! Therefore as little monkey is only 5 we don't play board games too often. However we've been trying out the Ravensburger Disney Frozen Race to the Palace board game and wanted to share our findings!
What's in the box?
Game Board
3 Dice
5 Playing Pieces
4 Character Chips
Game Instructions
Benefits of the game
Suitable for children aged 5+
2-4 players
Helps hand/eye co-ordination and is good for fine motor skills.
The aim of the game and how to play
The aim of the game is to reach the Ice Palace first. To start, the board pieces must be put together, the Palace placed at the end, chips selected by the players and the characters put in place at the start. 
The youngest player starts first and then each player takes a turn going clockwise. I have to say at this point I was unsure of the playing instructions and had to read them over and over! 
Three dice are rolled to decide the players move and which character should be moved. This game is different in that each player can use all characters at some point or another. A little strange I thought at first but it means everyone gets a turn and the twist is no-one knows which chip you had until the end! 

Our Conclusion
A fun game for all the family, especially those who love Frozen. The boys knew all the characters and both wanted to be Olaf! It's easy to set up but if like me, you are easily confused you may need to read the instructions more than once! It's fun!

It's available from all good toy stores and Amazon for under £10 (rrp £9.99). 


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