Travel Gift Ideas For Grandparents

Getting a gift for grandparents can be a tricky endeavour, but one thing that never disappoints is the gift of travel. If you’re struggling to think of a birthday or holiday present for your grandparents this year, then perhaps a gift vacation is just the ticket. Whether it’s relaxing and unwinding on a beach, strolling through a historic city, or sailing from port to port on a luxury cruise, there are few material objects that can live up to the thrill of a good vacation. Here are just a few of the best travel gifts you can provide for your loved ones this year.

A Cruise
Cruises are one of the best ways to travel no matter your age, but for those who might struggle with mobility, have a mobility scooter or the effects of flying, a cruise is an excellent way to visit multiple destinations all while enjoying the amenities of a luxury resort. Today’s modern cruise liners are also fully equipped with easy access for all passengers, a wide range of day and night time activities, as well as fine dining restaurants, and events such as concerts and theatre shows. Whether sailing to Alaska and taking in the spectacular Northern Lights, or stopping off in historic port cities along the Mediterranean, a cruise is certain to provide your grandparents with a sea-faring holiday to remember.
The Azamara Quest
A Wine Tour

There are some things that never change no matter our age, and an ability to enjoy the finer things in life is one of them. For the grandparents who have always fancied a glass of wine and a tasty dish, then a tour of one of the world’s famed wine regions is both a thoughtful gift and an experience to savour. French wine country is perhaps the most iconic destination for wine and food tours, as it combines idyllic scenery with extravagant tastes. Similarly, Italian regions such as Tuscany and Piedmont allow visitors to explore medieval villages and historical sites, all while enjoying some of the world’s most revered wines and dishes.

A Resort Vacation

There is nothing quite like relaxing in the lap of luxury, and what grandparent wouldn’t be grateful for the gifts of sunshine, sand, and water. A resort vacation is the perfect idea for those whose idea of bliss is to not have to lift a finger. Just picture your grandparents stretching-out on a chaise lounge in Bali, or enjoying a tasty beachside meal at a taverna in Greece. There are few better ways to show your thanks to your grandparents then by providing them with the chance to experience the ultimate in luxury getaways.

So if you’re struggling with what to buy your grandparents for their birthday, anniversary, or simply to say thanks, you can be sure that a holiday is one thing they won’t be disappointed with.
Images by Dennic Matheson & jolisoleil / jswinetours / jscitytours Used under Creative Commons licence.

This post was written by Catherine Finch.

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