How Hot?

Wow, how hot has it been? It was 32 degrees here on Tuesday! 
I'm wishing we were back on a beach with the monkeys in Cornwall. Instead they are back at school and hubby and I at work!
That's hotter than a lot of countries in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands! Talking of which, it's somewhere we've thought about taking the monkeys in the next few years! 
A relatives family member owns a property out in Tenerife which would be perfect for us to take the monkeys to, for their first holiday abroad.
According to Tots To Travel the Canary Islands are easy to get to! I too know this as I went with a girlfriend many moons ago when we were both 18! 
The weather is good even when ours in the UK is not. Maintaining a year round balmy climate. I quite fancy going one Christmas for this very reason! We could escape the dreary December weather for a week or so. 
Another reason to go are the beaches - there are plenty and the Canaries are child friendly too! With child friendly villas and safety being a top priority for tourism out there. 
There's also plenty to do. "Marine parks and zoos, nature reserves, theme parks, museums, water sports, cycling, golf, archaeological sites, hiking, botanic gardens and whale watching". Now I know two monkeys who would love to do that! 
Photo credit: Tots to Travel
I really need to get onto my relative as I really feel their accommodation will be ideal for us. If not I'm sure they will be able to recommend somewhere that is.
The monkeys are keen to go on an aeroplane and I'd like to take them too. I think a shorter flight will be perfect for us the first time they fly and hopefully it will be the first of many flights as a family. Crikey, the last time we flew is coming up for 10 years ago on our honeymoon!

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