Twozies Surprise Packs & Playset - Review

I've recently posted about the monkeys loving all things 'blind bag', 'surprise packs' and now there are some new 'kids on the block!'

Twozies are the new collectible babies and pets from Moose Toys and Character Options. They do everything Two-gether when matched. For every baby Twozie that children collect, there is a matching pet to be found! 
Presented in stylish shadow boxes that can be stacked or wall mounted, each character is perfectly collectible in its own way, but find its matching friend and the Twogether-ness is complete. 
There are 140 different babies and pets to collect.

We've been sent 5 surprise packs of our own to play (£2.49 each) with. Along with two Fun Two-gether Playsets (£14.99 each).

The monkeys quickly tore open their surprise packs and shared out the 5 sets of babies and pets! 
Then we moved onto the Playsets. We have the Two-cool Ice Cart and Two-sweet Row Boat. Twozies are perfect for boys and girls alike from ages 5+. I found the packaging pretty awkward to get into to be honest but the monkeys were both suitably keen to play with the sets once I'd got all of the packaging undone! 
Each Twozies have names and are lots of fun! 
The contents of each playset include 2x exclusive babies, 2x exclusive pets, 2 pattern cards (to insert into the shadow box and of course the boat with accessories or the ice cream cart and accessories! 
The shadow boxes can be stacked or wall mounted as mentioned above.
I would say that at 8 years old big monkey is probably too old (or dare I say the wrong gender at his age for this toy). It would however be perfect for an 8 year old girl in my opinion. However little monkey at 5 years old is the perfect age. He (and his big brother, despite what I've just said) have enjoyed playing Twozies and taking the cute friends on a boating adventure and to the ice cream cart! 

We were sent the Twozies toys for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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