Visiting Vue Cinemas at The Brewery, Romford

A few weeks ago my best friend and I were talking about wanting to go and see Bridget Jones Baby when it came out. A must see girly film in our eyes, one not to be missed! So a few days later when I was invited along to The Brewery, Romford to see that very film with a plus one, I shrieked out loud and knew she and I would love to go along. Why wouldn't we! 

The Vue Cinema there is amongst the eating plaza above a well known supermarket and close to a huge kids indoor soft play park. It's family friendly and very easy to access.
We arranged to go to the 8pm showing on a school night (Sunday) and were both shocked that parking is free on a Sunday at The Brewery. Both easily pleased, this was a bonus to our already exciting evening head.

The cinema is up an escalator and covers the entire floor once up there. With many screens and lots of tills to purchase tickets and get snacks and drinks, it clearly caters for many visitors. Yesterday evening was pretty quiet though which surprised us yet again.
The cashier wasn't expecting us but a quick call to the manager, he came and introduced himself with our complementary tickets and served us our popcorn and drinks combo.
He told us they hoped the seats they had chosen for us were suitable and to let them know if not. 
They were indeed perfect! Right in the middle of the screen and far enough back to watch comfortably without getting crocked necks! 
Very quiet (I assume because people had already been to see the film when it opened on the 16th Sept) we sat back to enjoy the film. 
I won't give anything away but it's bloody brilliant! Lots of familiar faces, well written as a continuation from the previous Bridget Jones movies and just awesome! Very funny too. My friend and I just loved it. A great film at a great venue. We will definitely be visiting again. We've been to the kids soft play park before as a family but my friend hasn't been. I'm sure this will be on the cards at half term! 

Thanks The Brewery, Romford, we had a blast! 

We were given tickets and refreshments in return for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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