Winning Tickets to the MADS for a Second Time!

How cool to have won a ticket to the Mad Blog Awards for a second time! The last time was back in 2013 just 6 months after I'd started blogging and then again last week! How things have changed! I'm no longer a newbie but rather an oldie, much smaller than I was and even more in awe of fellow bloggers and friends I've made during the last 3 and a half years of blogging!

Held at the Royal Garden Hotel, High Street Kensington like the last time 3 years ago, I knew the food would be just as good as last time and it was!

Like before attendees could have their hair and make up done for free at the venue. However I did not. My friend did my hair and I did my own make up before travelling by train to London. I chose my outfit just the afternoon before, so was frantically ordering underwear, shoes and accessories the night before online!

With a drinks reception starting at 18.30, everyone started to arrive, mingle and chat to friends and acquaint themselves with the seating plan! I was delighted to see I was seated with some bloggers I consider friends.

For entertainment we were handed a bank note which gave us reign to play Black Jack or Roulette. I decided not to have a go as have absolutely no idea whatsoever on the rules, how to play or the object of the game! There was to be a prize at the end for the overall winner!

The three course meal was super tasty - Bread rolls, followed by Montgomery cheese & apple fritters, glazed butternut squash, spinach & hazelnut cream to start. Braised Jacobs ladder of English beef, celeriac chips, onion soubise, peas & beans, oaked wine jus for the main and Hot limoncello soufflé, minted creme fraiche for desert. All followed with Tea, coffee and Petit fours. A truly scrumptious meal, washed down with red or white wine for those that wanted it.

The awards took place at the end of the meal. Comedien Helen Leaderer hosted them and was such fun. She had the room in raptures more than once! It was great to see so many new and 'old' bloggers receiving their awards on stage.

You can see a full list of winners here! I was thrilled for Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2 who won two awards including Blog of the Year. She was so shocked yet thrilled. Such a funny lady.

I left the awards evening feeling all warm and fuzzy (not from alcohol) and delighted to have been able to share such a fab night with so many amazing bloggers!

Thanks again Tots 100 and Mad Blog Awards.


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