Meccano 4X4 Off Road Truck - Review

When my twin brother and I were younger I remember he would spend lots of time in his room building Meccano models. He had loads of the stuff. As luck would have it, when this Meccano 4X4 Off Road Truck arrived for us to review, he was staying the weekend and was keen to get constructing it with the monkeys! 
The Meccano 4X4 off Road Truck is aimed at children aged 9+. Eldest monkey is 8 and little monkey only 5 but they were keen to build the truck with Uncles help. This kit from Spin Master has ergonomic tools included, instructions and enough pieces (443 to be exact) to make 25 different models. They concentrated on just the full Truck model. The kit encourages S.T.E.M learning. It's motorised too and requires 4 AA batteries which are not included. 
Now hubby will admit to not being very good with construction toys and I really do believe he would have given up helping to make this with the monkeys. Even Uncle who is excellent at such things said it was difficult. Initially the monkeys were keen to help him construct the truck but as time went on (with the hours ticking away) they got bored and left him to it! He was there for hours trying to build the truck. Taking it apart and rebuilding it until he was happy. He said the instructions were at times misleading but eventually we had a fully working mobile Meccano 4X4 off Road Truck!
He insisted on getting it right and completed for the monkeys. 
Now it's finished it looks fab but it wasn't without it's troubles. I would say an older child (or even adult) would need to build it and even then it would take several hours. The monkeys are delighted with it. 
This is their first Meccano set and I think they would like more. I'm certain they would be on their own making it though, as they don't see Uncle often and I think hubby would just give up! 

You can buy this set from Argos for £39.46 at present!  

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