StarMonsters Series 2!

We've seen the Star Monsters in the shops but missed out on Series 1 so were delighted when a selection of Star Monsters from Series 2 landed on the door mat! 
Star Monsters are pocket friends. There are 72 to collect altogether! You can see the different ones to collect here! The monkeys got a Mini capsule, album guide, poster, capsule and selection of different Star Monsters. 
They set about dividing them up and sharing them out amongst the two of them! I will say there were some arguments about which belonged to who! 
The Capsules contain 1 essential star monster and 1 evoltion or shadow star monster! 
The packets contain 2 star monsters and 2 stickers.
The mini capsules contain 2 star monsters, 2 mini capsules and 2 stickers. 

The monkeys were so excited to play with the Star Monsters that I was lucky to even get the photo's I did before they hid them around the house! They appear here and there when I'm least expecting them! 
We love the look of the Fusion Tin too which comes with 8 star monsters! I think that will be next on the list for the monkeys to buy with their pocket money! They really do love their blind bags and pocket friends of late! 

They are going to have hours of fun out of these monsters! 


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