The Hotly Anticipated Bond Street, Chelmsford!

Well, a week ago today the hotly anticipated Bond Street opened in Chelmsford! I'm back there tomorrow with the friend I went there with on the Grand opening day! 
We got there early (though not as early as some!) and queued outside Cath Kidston as it's a store we both love! After waiting half an hour the store opened, along with John Lewis....the first in Essex! Joules opened then too, as did Oasis, Folyes and more! 
I was so excited and still am! I think having these fab new stores in the City will hugely benefit the local economy. Already there seems to be more people shopping and the other stores in the High Street seem to be benefitting too. I love that the old car park that was rather unflattering (along with old buildings that were demolished) is now a three storey John Lewis. Set to open in December there will be a 5 screen Everyman Cinema and new restaurants too. There's underground parking and the whole area is ten times better then before.
As a shopper I'm delighted. Bond Street really has upped the level of sophication in the City and given the local area a much needed injection of fine dining, upmarket shopping and a general sense of luxury! 
I'm really looking forward to the next phase opening. 


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