Trick or Treat Etiquette!

You may have noticed (by the largely absent Halloween posts and photo's) that we aren't huge Halloween fans here but I felt that if your children are (or indeed readers of my blog are) that some helpful hints, tips, and safety etiquette for Trick or Treating wouldn't go a miss! 

For the first time this year the monkeys have expressed an interest in going trick or treating but they quickly changed their minds when the news of clowns going around scaring folk made the headlines! 

We celebrate all other holidays and events during the year but Halloween has never been a big one for us! 

However it's BIG news for some, so Bright Horizons child care in Islington have come up with this rather cool (and very useful) infographic!
These Do's and Don't are pretty common sense really and if followed then I'm sure fun will be had by all! 

Just stay save, don't go out alone and do enjoy those treats! 

We'll be tucked up indoors in the warm with treats of our own.

Happy Halloween! 


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