Vimto Bake Off!

We don't really have much time for challenges or bake offs but the lure of Vimto Jelly Beans was too much! I couldn't decline to take part in the Vimto #Bakeoff challenge with some of their tasty Vimto range.

A huge Purple box arrived with a fab Vimto branded apron, cake boards, bottle of original Vimto and some bags of new Vimto Jelly Beans, which come in original, cherry and strawberry flavours.
What to bake though? 
I had an idea.....Vimto flavoured cupcakes with Vimto butter icing and jelly beans to decorate. Yum!

Donning my new apron and with two monkeys hot on my heels, ready to lick the bowl, I set about with the bake off.
After mixing the ingredients to make the cupcakes I added some of the Vimto squash to flavour the cakes! I was sure not to add too much though as I didn't want the mixture to be too wet! Whilst they were cooking I made the icing which is highly flavoured with more Vimto Squash!
With the cakes cooked and the icing ready I let them cool down and sorted the jelly beans into flavours so that we could chose which flavour we each wanted!
Little monkey opted for the red cherry flavour, Big monkey the green Strawberry flavour and well, I wasn't fussed! I love them all!
Here are our finished Vimto cup cakes....which little monkey said were delicious! I'm not sure I'll be winning star baker with these jelly bean cakes anytime soon though! Still, it was fun making them and finishing the jelly beans that were left over! 

You can see more of the fab range from Vimto here.

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