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Chambers & Co is a family run business which creates high quality natural products at affordable prices. Their products fall into four different categories which are:

Skin care shop, Dog care shop, Arnica care shop and Leather care shop! 
I've been trying some of their Skin care products. 
I was kindly sent the Hand Balm for Active hands, the Argan and Squalane Face and Neck Cream and the Carrot Tissue Balm for Active Feet back in September and have been using them on and off since then.

Here is a little more info about each product and my thoughts on them.

Hand Balm for Active hands
Having always suffered with dry hands and hands that look aged, I'm always on the look out for a great hand cream. This balm contains Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Almond Oil. 
It appears to look a little like wax but is fairly soft and a little goes a long way! This 60ml jar costs just £8 and will last and last. Fragranced with Neroli and Ylang Ylang it smells lovely! I've used it a fair amount and agree that indeed it does absorb well and quickly, making my hands feel silky smooth. It does need applying regularly, especially after hand washing and washing up.

Argan and Squalane Face and Neck Cream
Being the dark side of 40 + a bit more I was keen to see how this cream would fair! This is suitable for dry and normal skin and keeps it hydrated during the day. I've a tendency to break out in small dimples and get flaky skin if I use a product that doesn't suit my skin but with this cream I've not noticed any adverse effects. It's pretty thick and again a little goes a long way. 
Really rich, it leaves the skin feeling smooth and full of moisture. I have the unscented one but this cream also comes in a scented version (Neroli & Geranium Essential Oils). If I'm honest I wasn't sure of this cream at first but in fact I like it! The 100ml bottle which has a pump action top costs £14, which I believe is very well priced in today's beauty market.

Carrot Tissue Balm for Active Feet
This wax like balm is super rich and leaves your feet coated in an orange coloured hue until it soaks into the skin. I've worn socks after I've applied the balm and left them on in bed overnight, leaving my feet feeling super smooth and so much better than before using it! 
The orange hue is odd to begin with but disappears as soon as it absorbs in less than 5 minutes.
Rich in vitamin B-Carotene the Carrot Tissue oil in this balm is used with Avocado Butter and Hemp Seed Oil. Once again this is £8 for 60mls. 

I was a little dubious before using these three products but can honestly say I really do think they are great. Effective, inexpensive and full of natural ingredients to help rehydrate and soften the skin.

You can follow Chambers on Twitter and head over to their facebook page to keep up to date with their latest news. These products would make a great gift this Christmas.

I was send these skin products for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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