Sharing Wine Over Popcorn & Chatter!

Collaborative Post.

My Best friend and I usually meet up for a coffee, maybe some lunch and often some retail therapy but we rarely get the opportunity to have a girls night in together! We're both busy working Mum's with a family each, who of course always come first. Our husbands both work, and I can often be found blogging of an evening. To get a rare night off indoors for a natter, some nibbles and of course some vino is such a treat!
Last Friday, we somehow managed just that! With Now TV firmly set up and an array of films to choose from, she left her daughter with her hubby and I sent mine off for a drink with his best friend. Prosecco chilled, and a few bags of Butterkist Popcorn to chose from, we sat down to put the world to rights whilst the monkeys slept soundly upstairs! With the prospect of face masks, a comforting hot chocolate and a good film, we put our feet up and shared a bowl of the new Butterkist Coconut and Raspberry Popcorn, which incidentally is absolutely delicious! After having a few glasses of Prosecco each and munching on the popcorn, we soon realised that our chatter had overtaken any chance of watching a film and instead we each had a little blub at the stories on BBC Children In Need! 
It was so lovely to be sat in the comfort of my home, totally comfortable with each other just chatting, munching on treats and having a chat. We're both usually so busy and rushing here, there and everywhere. Trying to cram everything in and often putting ourselves last! 
We both really enjoyed spending quiet quality time together having a giggle (and a few tears) in front of the TV. We even considered a take away but with a bowl of Popcorn shared (and plenty more should we have wanted it), plus the Prosecco and later a hot chocolate, we decided that would just mean making really big piggy's of ourselves! 
We now plan on having another girly night in very soon. It's great fun, very therapeutic and doesn't cost the earth! Roll on next time. I vote we watch Pretty Woman with Richard Gere on pause, try the other two new Butterkist flavours (Choco Mallow & Salted Caramel), get the face masks applied and see who's 'face' cracks first! It's bound to be another great night. Crikey, who knows we may even invite more friends along and mix up those new Butterkist flavours. 

The Salted Caramel flavour has just 81 calories per 25g serving. The other two new flavours each have 106 calories per serving. Of course sticking to just the one serving per bag is the tricky bit!

We were sent a girls night in Kit for the purpose of this post.

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