Hatchimals - Review!

We are very excited to we have a new arrival in the house! A surprise delivery......Our Hatchimal was born during the evening on Tuesday the 18th of October. It's a she....a Pengulas and little monkey had the proud honour of naming her.....Laybourn John!
You must have heard the hype about Hatchimals from Spinmaster by now, if not where have you been?
Hatchimals are the innovative new 'live hatching' toy that are sure to be at the top of every child's Christmas List this year. They are selling like Hot cakes and lots of places are sold out. For ages 5+.
Argos stock all the varieties of Hatchimals both instore and online priced £59.99. There are two Hatchimals species: Pengulas and Draggles. You don't know which you have until the moment it hatches. That's all part of the fun. Right!
Here is our experience of the Hatch and the start of our journey with Laybourn John our Pengulas Hatchimal......
On opening the box the Hatchimal comes in, you pet the egg and Hatchimal inside it interacts with you. You can hear it making Hatchimal noises and through the egg you can see it's eyes changing colour. Each colour represents how the Hatchimal is feeling and the guide that comes with the Hatchimal lets you know how to respond. It responds to the power of human touch. Pet it's head, stoke it, keep it warm, make it better.....The more you interact the more it communicates and prepares to hatch. It taps, pecks and has lights and sounds too.
The hatch moment can take a while (about an hour) but it adds to the anticipation and excitement. The monkeys were so keen and eager to see whether we had a pengulas or Draggle and were really chuffed when it started to peck its way out of it's shell. It will only do so when held and nurtured! You do need to help it out of it's shell right at the end of the hatching process by helping to open the egg and pulling the Hatchimal out!
You can see straight away which species you have because of it's colour. Pengulas come in two colours, pink and teal or pink and Draggles are either green and blue or purple. 

Here's a little video we made. Be kind, it's not the best but shows the process! 
Once your Hatchimal is hatched you can raise the Hatchimal through three phases, from baby to full grown Hatchimal. Teaching it to talk, walk, play games and more! 

I can see why this toy is sold out and why it will be at the top of children's Christmas lists. It's ingenious! It comes already fitted with batteries and captures children's imagination. Teaching them about looking after something to help it live and grow. 

Ours really is like another pet. The guinea pigs will get jealous! Personally if the monkeys didn't want to keep it, I would. It's great. 

So far, we've no reason to complain. It's played with daily, the batteries are yet to run out and the monkeys still hold an interest over two weeks later. It's not cheap but what toy is. Very clever indeed.

To avoid disappointment this Christmas you can use Fast Track at Argos to get same day delivery. 

Argos kindly sent us our Hatchimal for the purpose of this post and I'm so glad they did. Thank you! All thoughts and opinions are our own.

We're going on an adventure


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