Our Christmas Traditions!

Even though Christmas is still 48 days away, today big monkey asked me if we are going to continue with our usual Christmas Traditions this year. This made me really happy and pleased he remembers what we've tried to do the last few years. Making new family traditions and memories for the monkeys to look back on when they are adults!
Just like my parents did for my brother and I.

I remember always going Christmas shopping with my Dad to help him buy my Mum's Christmas presents from him. Each year I would decorate the family Christmas tree. We'd put the Christmas sweet treats out on Christmas Eve night and before bed my brother and I would put an empty pillowcase at the bottom of my parents bed, ready for Father Christmas. 

Every Christmas morning we would go straight into our parents bedroom to open our presents on their bed together! I remember those things with such fondness.

Fast forward to Christmas with the boys and we've started our own little traditions. 
They include watching a family film together at the cinema on Christmas Eve afternoon. Giving the monkeys new Pyjamas to wear that night and putting food and a drink out for Santa and his reindeer. The monkeys put their stockings out ready for Santa before they go to bed.
Lovely little things that make the magic of Christmas even more special and something for the monkeys to continue with their own children one day should they wish to do so! I love Christams and always have done. Even more so with children of our own.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? If so what are they? 

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