Pencil Pets (Stocker Filler Idea)

Yes, all the Christmas shopping is done! I've just got to buy a few family cards, write the Christmas cards out and wrap everything up! 

Each year I say I won't do the monkeys a stocking and each year I do! This year is no different.

One thing I think will make a great stocking filler are the Pencil Pets from Interplay! 
Priced at just £4.99 the Pencil Pet kit includes everything needed to make Pencil Toppers. This Purple and Orange Cat set is great fun and aimed at children aged 5+. The interchangeable eraser body parts are easy to switch and personalise but I did find little monkey (who is coming up to 6) easily broke the tip of the cats ear! 
The heads separate so that the accessories can be attached and then the head clips back together! Each pencil is recycled.
Little monkey loved designing his own pencil pet (maybe largely due to the fact he has a thing about all things pets at present). However big monkey wasn't at all interested in making one! He is 8. I know at least one of his friends (who is female) that definitely would enjoy making them though!
Little monkey managed to design his pencil pet pretty much all by himself and was very proud of his efforts. 

I can see these being popular in stockings this year but I would say, be careful and don't be heavy handed as your pet may end up wounded! 


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