Review - Silly Sausage Game!

The Silly Sausage game from John Adams is one of the Top Toys this Christmas 2016! I first saw it at Blog On Msi in Manchester back in September and had no idea it would be so popular. 

I didn't even think about how hilarious adults would find it and a fellow blogger could not believe I'd not seen the 'rude' side to it! Ha ha.....how naive am I! She said I should add "It's meant to be for kids which is fine but the joke that goes over their head is the double entendre! Read it with a bit of a wicked grown up wink and you'll see what I mean" I guess she has a point! 

Now, back to the Silly Sausage!A super speedy sausage reaction game! Twist, stretch, poke, shake and dip it.
Aimed at children 7 years +, the monkeys did not bat an eyelid! It's definitely easier for big monkey to master than little monkey! With three modes of play and 10 games in total it basically asks commands you must follow to stay in the game! (Twist me, Stretch me, Poke me, Shake me and Dip me!)

The different modes have different levels of speed and difficulty. You do need to respond quickly! Big monkey found that out quite soon after we opened the packaging and started playing, which you can see in the video! Just switch it on and listen to what it asks you to do!
Believe me, he was more impressed than he looks! Ideal for the whole family to play I do think this could prove to cause a few giggles on Christmas Day! The warning on the Argos website did amuse me! "(WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Only for domestic use".
Harmless fun that will entertain! Silly Sausage cost £19.99. Available at all good toy shops, department stores and supermarkets.
Have fun playing! 

We were sent Silly Sausage for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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