Making Savings Whilst Shopping!

You may (or may not) have guessed by now that I LOVE shopping. I've posted several times now about how much so to be honest! The thing is, it's not just the shopping I love but the bargains that can be had and the savings that I can make whilst doing one of the things I love the most. 

With the new shopping area in town I've been there far more in the last few weeks than I had done in several months. Sadly Gap has gone now but there is a local shopping outlet where bargains can be had and I've signed up to their emails to get discounts! I recently got 30% off when shopping there online. A really nice fitted gilet to wear with my gym kit.

I need little excuse to buy something if I see something I like and of course if I think I'm getting a discount or money off I don't need persuading to make a purchase! Be it for me, the monkeys, hubby or even my new niece! She has a gorgeous little outfit from Cath Kidston (who currently have free delivery on orders over £40) and some other bits ready for when she is born later this month.
Voucher codes really do help to save money when shopping. I'm so excited to be giving her such a great gift.

We've already done a fair bit of Christmas shopping and I'll be looking to shops such as New Look for one of our other nieces gifts! She's coming up to 16, so a young fashion store is right up her street. With 25% off footwear and accessories at New Look I think we'll look at getting her some accessories. That way she can use them with outfits she already has! 

So, what I'm trying to say is, treat yourself but do be shopping savvy and search for savings before you buy! I pride myself on getting a good deal (which helps make that purchase even more special).

If you shop online and use voucher codes 'My Favourite Voucher Codes' donate 20% of their profits to charity, which means you're donating to charity too! 

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