Switching Energy Suppliers!

With the cost of living being so expensive and ever increasing, hubby and I are always looking to make savings where we can. 

We've switched where we do our main food shop and saved a significant amount of money each week. Each year when the car or house insurance needs renewing we search on comparison sites to find the best deal and hubby is always on the ball when it comes to energy saving and switching suppliers.

Be An Energy Shopper helps people find out how to switch suppliers, the pros and cons, and of course help to provide answers to frequently asked questions consumers might have. Often people worry about whether they can switch if they live in rented accommodation, what happens if they change their mind and how to switch suppliers! All these questions will be answered in the FAQ section. 

Ofgem’s ‘Be an Energy Shopper’ has recently had a face lift. It has three different categories (energy tariffs, deals for switching suppliers & understanding bills) and clearly helps people understand how to get the best deal for their energy bills. It’s very easy to navigate, user friendly and even I can work my way around it! A free and impartial service to help users when switching energy suppliers.

Changing your energy supplier is generally fairly simple, though something that I personally let the hubby deal with. It can produce huge savings on energy bills with relatively little effort. 

We were with one supplier that wanted to increase our monthly payments to £150 and yet after shopping around and switching we were actually paying £70, which has now decreased to £56! Saving us a potential whopping £1,128 per year!! That's madness. 

The main thing you'll need to do when switching, and having made the choice of who to switch to, is give the new supplier your postcode, the name of your current supplier, the name of the energy offer you're currently on and how much you spend on fuel. You will need an up-to-date meter reading and your bank details if you will be paying by direct debit.

We are so pleased hubby took the time to save us that money. It really has made a huge difference to our finances each month. Just be sure to use Ofgem approved comparison sites to switch!

We did! 

What are you waiting for? Check how much you are currently paying and get switching if you can save yourself some money.

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