This Month I Become an Auntie and God Mother!

I'm so excited I could burst! My twin brother (who I never in a million years thought would ever be a Daddy) and his partner are expecting their first child this month. She will arrive in the next few weeks at 37 weeks gestation, due to complications. Thankfully the baby is well and Mummy will be too once she's no longer carrying. Not only am I delighted to become an auntie to a niece again but I'm going to be her Godmother! I feel honoured. I'm an auntie to three nieces and two nephews (by marriage) already but they are all older now.
My new niece will be my parents only Grand-daughter. She's already being spoilt and that's not just by me! I've had to curb my spending on her already.

Being first time parents I've helped my brother and his partner to pick up some bits and pieces for the baby. Lets face it, they need lots of stuff don't they! I helped them with choosing a changing bag and also their pushchair. Incidentally being a twin they could have indeed had twins themselves but alas, like me, it wasn't to be. Buying for twins could have been a whole different ball game! Two of everything and double pushchairs too! Eek! 
I've seen so many gorgeous things and have lost count of the number of times I've gone 'awe' over a little dress, a teddy or something else equally girly. 
Shopping online is both really useful and a nightmare (as I want to get her everything I see). She'll not want for much that's for sure. Lets hope they have room for everything as they live on a narrow boat. I'm hoping my niece will arrive quickly for my sister in law once she's induced and cannot wait to meet her. Even the monkeys are excited. We're off on a road trip as soon as they want visitors and we'll be having newborn hugs before you can say 

Congratulations! Watch this space for an update very soon.

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