A Pug Like Percy!

I used to read so much and loved to immerse myself in a great book! Since becoming a Mum and reading Parenting Magazines instead, then working and blogging, I rarely get the chance to read books now, sadly. Every year I say that I must start reading again but I never find the time! However, this book looks so good, I'm making time!

Fiona Harrison has written A Pug Like Percy, this festive period. Her debut book, published as a lead title by Harper Collins this winter. A tale about a Pug called Percy who, rescued by Gail and her family, is hoping that this time, it's forever! 
Fiona Harrison is a dog lover and writer from the West Country with fifteen years’ experience as a national journalist, frequently writing for all the women’s magazines and has also taken on ghost-writing projects. Now married to a fellow animal lover, Fiona lives in Berkshire and is focusing on her two passions; animals and writing. 
The family are at breaking point with daughter Jenny in and out of hospital with dilated cardiomyopathy. Fiona worked closely with Great Ormond Street, hearing personal stories from families who are dealing with their child’s sickness every day. Is Percy the furry friend they've been waiting for? Can he mend a family that are at breaking point? 
Fan's of Pugs and stories 'A Street Cat Named Bob' and 'Alfie the Doorstep Cat' will love this tale full of hope. Utterly heartwarming it's a must read this Christmas. Flick through the pages and see Percy move!

Published at £9.99 this book is set to be a hit! Happy reading! 

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