Help! Sometimes I want to pull my hair out!

How stressful can having two lively monkeys be?! I often want to scream or hide or even pull my hair out! In reality though, I slope off for a peaceful cuppa or shop for shoes! My little sanctuary in our male dominated household with 2/3 nutters!

In this fast paced and often stressful world, our skin and hair can suffer. Obviously gene's and age have a huge bearing on how we look and how we with-stand the test of time. Luckily for me, my skin has good elasticity and I've got a good head of hair! I keep it short but it responds well to frequent cutting and colour. I just love trying out new styles (and dabbling with different colours). Having a best friend who is a hairdresser helps lots! 

However, there are many people not so lucky! Stress can play a huge part in the how a persons hair can look. Often resulting in hair loss, which in some cases is known as Alopecia. The worry of losing hair is often the cause of more of it falling out and then the cycle goes on.
Hubby and I often joke that before he got married to me and we had the monkeys, he had a fine head of head! The same can sadly no longer be said. The early stress of sleepless nights, being the main bread winner and supporting the family, plus his age (and gene's) have taken their toll on his hairline. He now sports a number 2 haircut, which incidentally is rather grey too. Sorry love! 

Hubby has also joked about having a hair transplant but I know he would never go through with it! A new alternative treatment is available though. Called Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment, it works to achieve the appearance of natural hair, where hair is thinning but a hair transplant is not suitable! The treatment is very similar to a tattoo.
Photo credit : Harley Street Hair Clinic
Something to consider if hair loss is an issue but I think hubby looks quite distinguished with his very short greying hair. Hell, we're both a lot older than we were when we met and our lives are very different to back then too! 

Still, at least I know where to go if my hair starts to change or the monkeys really do have me pulling my hair out! I wonder how many pairs of shoes I can get before I resort to doing that! 

On a serious note, I'd be devastated if my hair did fall out! My hair is my crowning glory, as I know it is for many people. I take pride in how it looks.

Would you or your man consider such treatment should the need arise? I'd love to know!  

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  1. Well, I can relate to your husband. I also work in a group of Essay writers UK-based, and since we are in the initiation phase, there is a lot of work to do, which causes stress to me. Recently, I have been facing a lot of hair fall. I am even changed my shampoo, but no results. Now I am just consoling myself that one day even I have to transplant my hair. So yeah, here is your answer also.



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