It's a Minion Party!

Ever since the monkeys watched the Despicable Me films and subsequent films they have loved the Minions! In particular little monkey. He adores them, maybe because they are always up to mischief just like him and his big brother! He has a minions duvet, PJ's, a onesie, tops, books.....you name it!

With Christmas just a few days away now the monkeys have been looking at the toy gift guides in case they see something they may have forgotten to ask Santa for! (Not that they'll be getting anything else now!) It's little monkeys Birthday next month too.

We've been sent a fab bundle of Minion toys (which will be given to the monkeys at Christmas and on little monkeys Birthday).
How cool is this bundle? I just know both monkeys will LOVE them!
Sing 'N' Dance Bob looks great fun.
Bob (British Invasion) has a moving mouth and eyes!
The monkeys will have great fun playing with Minion Dave and his rocket launchers! Best we find cover when this is opened!
Ha ha, Minion Jerry has a jelly blaster! I bet they'll be fighting over this!
I can't wait to give them these. They will be so pleased and the good thing is there's a new film out next year AND you still have time to go and buy Minions this Christmas! 

Why not follow them on the following social media channels and keep up to date with these yellow mischievious creatures now and into the new Year!  

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